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  • Andrea


    I have a similar need for this site.

    I have done all of your instructions including adding the short code to the Header.php but it's not showing up properly. Here is an image and below is the header.php code to review.

    Can you tell me where to put it and if not the .php file would I add it to the themes .CSS file? If it's for the CSS file what is the code for that? 

    Basically we are changing our header image to look something similar to this:


    You can see there is a white space on the top right that is empty, this is where the sign up box will appear. For now, since I don't have the completed banner image on this site: I just want to test and see if it adds the opt in where it should go. 





    do_action( 'genesis_doctype' );

    do_action( 'genesis_title' );

    do_action( 'genesis_meta' );


    wp_head(); //* we need this for plugins




    genesis_markup( array(

    'html5'   => '<body %s>',

    'xhtml'   => sprintf( '<body class="%s">', implode( ' ', get_body_class() ) ),

    'context' => 'body',

    ) );



    do_action( 'genesis_before' );


    genesis_markup( array(

    'html5'   => '<div %s>',

    'xhtml'   => '<div id="wrap">',

    'context' => 'site-container',

    ) );


    do_action( 'genesis_before_header' );

    do_action( 'genesis_header' );

    do_action( 'genesis_after_header' );


    genesis_markup( array(

    'html5'   => '<div %s>',

    'xhtml'   => '<div id="inner">',

    'context' => 'site-inner',

    ) );

    genesis_structural_wrap( 'site-inner' );




    <?php echo mab_get_actionbox(2518); ?>



    Thank you 

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