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  • Kim Marie

    This has been an AWESOME help!!! Thanks Ryann!!! If you are still there, I'm in the same program the person who conversed with you before is in, and my question is...once I get the box set up the way I want...which I have thanks to your can I insert it in multiple locations on a page, rather than only the top and the bottom.  I'm using the free version.  Is there HTML code I can copy and paste in where I want it?  Thanks!

  • Tegan Westra

    Hey i am trying to get a long horozontal action box to appear in my header widget area also.

    The action box is in the header at the moment but in the wrong area. when I use the above css you mentioned and paste it in the 'Style custom CSS' box, nothing happens.

    Anything else you think I should be doing?

    Thanks for your help


  • Ryann

    Hi Tegan, it could be because the html structure of your theme is far different from the one outlined here. also, the person who did this was editing her own theme's php file.

    anyway, shoot us a new ticket together with a link to your webpage and where you want the action box to appear and we'll try to help you out.

  • Divorce Doctor

    Tegan, Sounds like you were successful on your site.  I can't the text to go horizontal? Your help would be greatly appreciated. 

    My site is:

    I think I need a step-by step, thank you

  • Divorce Doctor

    I meant, Ryan I need your help. 

  • Divorce Doctor

    To whom this may concern,

    I just purchased the PRO version. 

    I'm trying to create an action box that looks like this one in the link below? I would like to be able to have the call to action message to the left and have the name and email fields and the action button to the right. Horizontal  and narrow.

    I also read the forums support and I add the CSS code to the style and it doesn't work????

    Please help.  Thank you

    My site is


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