Functonality of Magic Action Box




  • Growblossomflow

    Where do I enter the redirect though? I tried it with "Secondary optin copy", but it never shows up when people subscribe?

  • Dean Soto

    The redirect is not in the plugin, it's done via your autoresponder (mailchimp, aweber, etc).

  • Kim Marie

    Hi...I just got magic action box for my site, and am wondering, is there a way to put the box in the middle of a page, rather than only at the top or bottom...and also to put multiple boxes on the same page?  I'm guessing this would require the html code to be pasted in to the html of the page in the locations I want it, but I'm not seeing where I can get the html code for the final box that includes my style settings, etc.  I got a nice box to show up at the bottom of my page, but I want to add more of them.  Please help!



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